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N°2 Cream Foundation Brush - Bevelled Brush Made in France

N°2 Cream Foundation Brush - Bevelled Brush Made in France

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Artistic-inspired angled synthetic fiber brush, ideal for applying fluid creams and foundations.

  • Artistically designed angled synthetic fiber brush, perfect for flawlessly applying fluid creams and foundations, delivering a professional finish.
  • Crafted with dense fibers and a beveled edge, Brush N°2 ensures seamless application and blending of cream and liquid textures for a natural-looking complexion.
  • Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, this foundation brush provides ultimate control, allowing you to effortlessly sweep across the face with precision.
  • Application tip: Apply liquid foundation onto the back of your hand and use Brush N°2 to buff the product onto your face in circular motions from the center outwards, ensuring a well-blended finish along the jawline and hairline.
  • Cleaning tip: To maintain the brush's natural suppleness and elasticity, wash it (up to the ferrule) with lukewarm water and a gentle soap or shampoo, then air dry. Avoid detergents and hairdryers for optimal care.
Synthetic fibers.
Handle: wood.
Ferrule: nickel-plated brass.}}
Using the brush, take the desired amount of powder and gently tap the brush to remove any excess material. Apply the powder in light, circular movements on the face for an even application. When contouring your face, use the same motion but faster to blend the colors and give your makeup a more natural and homogeneous appearance.

For better maintenance, we recommend removing any excess makeup by cleaning the brush with a soft cloth after each use.

If the brush has an unpleasant odor or contains too much makeup residue, it is possible to wash it (only up to the ferrule) with cold water and a gentle soap or shampoo. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.Do not use detergents or dry the brush with a hairdryer. Ambient air-drying will allow the brush to return to its natural shape.

Regular maintenance will ensure it keeps its natural suppleness and the elasticity of its fibers.}}
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