4 ways the pandemic has impacted the beauty industry

4 ways the pandemic has impacted the beauty industry

Restrictions are slowly being lifted worldwide and the end of the pandemic is finally (hopefully) in sight. As this chapter in our life comes to an end, we thought we would highlight four ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the beauty industry and its consumers. The pandemic might be over soon, but these changes are here to stay.

1. Focus On The Eyes

With many people required to wear a mask while out in public, eyes and brows have been taking center stage. Not only has there been a soar in all things eye-enhancing, but new makeup trends have also emerged. Whether it’s a graphic liner, a bold, colorful eyeshadow, or Euphoria inspired eye makeup; we’ve seen them all through this pandemic. Eyes have been the only real way to communicate, and the expression “eyes are the window to the soul” could not have been more accurate. However, eyes aren’t the only thing on display; your brows are too, and in the last two years, we’ve seen a surge in treatments such as brow lamination for fluffy, defined brows. In addition, products such as our Soin Pyjama, to lift and set your brows have also seen a rise in sales, and if there’s one positive takeaway from this pandemic is that people have finally understood the importance of taking care of their natural brows as they frame the eyes and give balance to the face.

2. More Natural Looks
Heavy foundation or bold red lips have taken a backseat for the last two years. As people have been working from home, wearing masks and socializing a lot less, we’ve seen an increase in natural, no-makeup makeup looks. Consumers are now looking for products that will allow them to be a better version of themselves, with natural-looking skin. Self-care has been a priority for many of people as the world came to a stop. The whole point of these more natural makeup looks is for you to feel and look healthy. What you decide to put on your skin doesn’t just affect your outside appearance, but it plays a role in how you feel mentally. We’ve all reached for the heavier concealer when we suddenly had a pimple, but today, it’s about embracing your skin on its good and bad days.

3. Boost In Skincare

More natural makeup looks mean we’ve seen a significant boost in skincare. People have turned away from makeup for perfect skin and instead, are changing or developing their skincare routine. As we focus more on ourselves, skin health has become a priority, even more so when we’ve seen the damage masks can do to the skin. Facial care, like the ones we offer in our Boutique or products for irritated skin, have seen a significant increase as people try to battle the dreaded “maskne”. With the boost in skincare, people have also changed the way they buy products, and we’ve seen consumers be more attentive to ingredients. What has come out of the pandemic is that people are looking more at products labeled “Clean”, “natural”, and “cruelty-free”. Everything CHADO strongly believes in.

4. Brand Authenticity

Consumers have turned to more authentic brands with a strong sense of purpose. As a result, brands have seen the importance of developing their marketing strategy to reflect what they stand for to attract new consumers and maintain their current ones. In addition, the pandemic has created a fundamental shift in the way people look at brands and their products. People want to see what the company is giving back to society, how it treats its customers and staff and whether it is genuinely committed to its values. Transparency, therefore, has become key to developing one’s brand. At CHADO, we ensure that every product we create and every service we offer is done with the utmost respect for our clients and values. Our values have always been and will always be at the core of everything we do.

As the pandemic slowly ends, we’re excited to see how these changes will adapt to a new way of living after two challenging years.

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